Chairman’s Statement and Notice Regarding AGM.


In what has been a very difficult year due to the Covid-19 pandemic. My thanks go to members Geoff Figgett, Mike Brandy, and all of the club committee. In enabling us to partially open at times but restricted by HM.Gov. Rules and Guidance. These R+G have varied throughout the year. Your committee was able to keep on top of what was and was not permissible at the time; utilising Zoom as a means to communicate. Geoff and Mike again helped to keep the site trim, cutting grass, trimming trees etc. Again thank you both.

We are now in Covid lock-down [3]. Our AGM is due March 03rd and it is looking extremely unlikely that we will be able to hold this event as a "face to face" meeting.

As this an extreme case. I have asked those who were due to be re-elected; myself as chairman, Treasurer / Membership Secretary Sarah Randall, Secretary Joe Bryer, events secretary Ian Phillips, committee member Simon Bryer and accounts overseer John Foster , if they are willing to continue in the role to our next AGM in 2022. we all have agreed to do so.

However should you wish to object to, or provide a nomination for any of these posts,

You should contact me preferably by e-mail at

Or Royal mail …….BMBS Chairman; 8 Clifford Street. Hornsea HU18 1HZ

24 hours before our Next committee meeting scheduled 3rd February

You should also contact me should you wish to amend our current constitution which is posted on our club website. Such proposals of amendments should be forwarded to by that same time above.

Your committee have currently received grants of £4000 to remove the steps and widen and making safe the path around the toilet and Clubhouse front and a further £2000 to replace the toilet block which has become unfit for purpose. We have been actively seeking funding additional funding to replace that toilet block. Over the last few years we have built up some Cash reserves, we have succeeded in obtaining a replacement toilet unit which is currently being refurbished to our specifications, and once work commences on site, we expect to complete within two weeks of start date. Covid-19 has however continued to delay and upset our operations.

I hope that you all stay well, we all receive the required immunisations, all Covid restrictions are lifted and we can resume our hobby without further interference.

Ken Thorpe
Chairman BMBS
16-January 2021