A new fun yachting series to be held fortnightly on Saturday or Sunday afternoons or maybe after the Club 500's on a Club Sunday, with big emphasis on the F-U-N! It will be open to all classes from a Footy to anything less than a metre which will include Micro Magic, Dragonforce 65 and Dragonforce 95 yachts (the one metre (IOM) class yachts are excluded) The only condition are that each boat must have at least one sail and no propeller, motor or jet drive.

It will be run on a time handicap system based on the size of each hull. These handicaps can be adjusted prior to each race so hopefully all competitors will cross the finish line together and hopefully be as tight and orderly as a Club 500 race only a lot slower!

Would anyone interested please contact either Paul Beardshaw ( or John Wray ( informing us of what boat theywould like to enter and the preferred day.

Hopefully there will be enough for a bit of fun and enjoyment.